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Underground oil tank inspections are an essential component of any property transaction or ownership. Our professional and experienced team of inspectors will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your underground oil tank, including any potential leaks or hazards.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) ownership carries significant responsibility and liabilities and the importance of having a professional perform such inspections cannot be overemphasized. An underground storage tank inspection normally determines the location, size, orientation, contents, and status of the tank with regard to leakage. Leakage is evaluated via borings below the depth of the tank with recovery of soil for testing.

The oil tank inspection is not a guaranteed method of underground storage tank leak detection.  Short of actual tank removal and physical inspection, there is no guaranteed method of leak detection. However, conducting the inspection helps to identify and correct any detectable signs of leakage at the earliest stage possible.  

Our inspection services in Central Virginia are designed ensure the safety and integrity of your property. With our help, you can make informed decisions about your property and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and the environment. 

Reasons for Underground Oil Tank Inspections & Tests

Hiring a professional for oil tank testing or inspection services is a smart decision for several reasons. These services can help ensure the proper function of your underground oil tank. Some reasons for oil tank inspections include:

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Every underground heating oil tank leaks sooner or later.

Underground Heating Oil Tank Inspection

How Do I Know if my Underground Oil Tank is Leaking?

As an owner of an underground oil tank, it is important to be aware that leaks are a common issue, particularly as the tank ages. Leaks can pose a serious threat to the environment, as well as to people, animals, and property, and should be addressed immediately to prevent potential harm.

As the leading provider of underground oil tank removal in Lynchburg Virginia, we’ve compiled a list of signs that indicate an underground leak. If you notice anything mentioned below, call our team for a professional inspection immediately.

  1. Sudden increase in your heating bill without explanation – If you notice that you have an increase in your heating bill from using more oil than usual and there is no obvious reason for it, such as a cold winter or increased usage, it may be a sign that your tank is leaking.
  2. Unusual odors or smells around the tank or in the house – Any persistent smell of oil or fuel in or around your home could indicate a leak in your underground oil tank.
  3. Stains or Discoloration on the Interior Basement Walls – If you notice any staining or discoloration of your interior basement walls, it can be an indicator that your tank is leaking fuel into the backfill around your house foundation.  In this instance, the fuel is saturating the foundation wall and this leads to very serious petroleum vapor hazards within the residence.   
  4. There’s oil in your water supply – If you have well water and notice the presence of oil or a petroleum-like smell in the water, it could be from a leak.
  5. Grass or Plants dying around your tank – If you notice dead or dying vegetation around your oil tank, this is an urgent matter, as the leak could spread and cause environmental damage to neighboring properties and water supplies.


Common Questions Asked Regarding Underground Oil Tank Inspections

100-percent!  Every steel underground oil tank will eventually leak.   The corrosion process cannot be stopped and there are many factors that accelerate the corrosion rate, especially at residential properties. 

Generally, underground oil tanks have a lifespan of around 15-20 years, but this can be shorter or longer depending on the specific circumstances. The life expectancy of an underground oil tank can vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the tank, the type of soil it is installed in, fertilizer application impact, roof downspout discharge and etcetera.

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