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tank removal servicesCentral Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. (CVSCI) can provide you with complete corrective action services for the assessment and clean up of your property to reduce the threat to water supply wells, eliminate vapor hazards and reduce environmental impact.

This service not only safeguards against human health affects and environmental impacts, it may also reduce fuel costs due to fuel leakage.

Another major benefit is the restoration of your property’s marketability and overall value. Many financial institutions require an evaluation of the physical condition of underground home heating oil storage tanks for property transfers. Unaddressed problems with these tanks may decrease property value considerably or even prevent home sales.

1. CVSCI will conduct an initial site consultation and release assessment of your home heating oil storage tank to determine if a petroleum release has occurred.

2. The purpose of the initial release assessment is to determine if a release of home heating oil from the underground storage tank has occurred. Soil samples can be collected directly adjacent to the tank and tank bottom with minimal disturbance to the site. If a private water supply well is located near the underground home heating oil tank and impact of the well is suspected, water samples can be collected for analysis to determine if the well has been compromised by hydrocarbon contamination. The findings of the assessment are compiled into a professionally prepared release assessment report that can be used to communicate the findings to any interested parties (i.e., potential buyers, realtors, financial lenders).

3. Prior to conducting leak checks on underground heating oil tanks, our clients must sign an authorization form that authorizes CVSCI to report any leakage to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Virginia state law requires the reporting of a fuel oil release regardless of whether the tank is regulated or non-regulated under the state’s underground storage tank program. (Home heating oil tanks are non-regulated under the program).

4. CVSCI will handle ALL required paperwork and will obtain authorization from the Virginia DEQ to conduct all required petroleum contamination clean-up activities.


The Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund provides reimbursement to underground home heating oil tank owners for a portion of the potentially high costs of mitigating public health threat and environmental risks from a petroleum storage tank release. The DEQ may reimburse costs for corrective action activities exceeding $500.00 for home heating oil tank releases.

However, Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. will absorb this $500.00 cost and wait for reimbursement from the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund for all costs exceeding the $500.00 amount.

Therefore, there is NO additional cost to the homeowner for the cleanup of the contamination. No corrective action work will be performed outside of the authorization of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

1. Allow Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. and any of its subcontractors rights to access the property for the purpose of performing corrective action related to the petroleum release.

2. Make arrangements for the location and marking of all underground utilities; and, any other subsurface wiring and piping on the property near the area in which corrective action is to be performed.

3. Sign the necessary reimbursement claim forms, which authorizes the DEQ to forward the reimbursement check to Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc.

These requirements are specified in a contract agreement between Central Virginia Soil Consulting, Inc. and the tank owner at time corrective action commences.

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